The original JAPAN TOOLKIT for Procreate on your iPad Pro*

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Our Japan Toolkit is the first Procreate add-on for your iPad Pro specially designed for Asian work, with hand-picked traditional papers and the associated brushes. Each of our brushes is finely tuned to the respective paper in its own way and can be used in different ways. This means that everything your heart desires is possible, from watery glazing to dry, dirty and dark to 100% pure pigment.

In addition, each of our brushes has an individual black pigment preset that allows you to create everything it takes to create a traditional Japanese-style painting on your iPad Pro without any prior knowledge.

Due to the high quality of selected paper textures, we have succeeded in building on the high standard of our popular Spitshading Toolkit.

Each of the papers gives you the feeling of working in a traditional way, coupled with the additional advantages that the digital medium gives you.

Our JAPAN TOOLKIT includes:

– 11 different washi papers

– 73 brushes divided into 5 brush families with the most diverse properties

• Daruma’s Wish Brushes

• Kokeshi Doll Brushes

• Yoni Blood Brushes

• Kyohime’s Revenge Brushes

• Enmas Mirror Brushes

5 traditional color charts (200 swatches) for authentic work

we want say thank you @kaiskiphoto for the great video.
and wish all a lot of fun with our Toolkit

Ron and Matthias

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