Ok ok, I know I’m preeeeety late with this but since I went on a short trip over New Year’s Eve I thought, I’d join better late than never!
@circlestorm69 asked to post some favourites out of the vinyl collection each day during the month of january – so here’s my pick for DAY 1 – BEST OPENING TRACK
It was a tough decision (Fugazi, GB, YOT, …) but I have to vote for QUICKSAND – Fazer!
I remember hearing it for the first time more than 20 years ago and I literally went „What the f***?! 😱“ The pumping bass, the sound of the guitars and of course @waltertown ’s voice – I was immediately hooked and still get the same feeling from it every time I listen to it – great great record and definitely one of my all-time favs! ##circlesjrad2016 #januaryrecordaday2016 #vinyl#vinylcollection#vinyljunkie#vinyladdict#recordnerd#quicksand#slip#revelationrecords#hardcore#melodichardcore#walterschreifels

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