DAY 27 – an Album you should have sold but kept

Abnegation – Verses of the Bleeding

I really really liked Abnegation’s 7″s, the songs on their split 7″ with Chapter and especially the song on that „Stones to mark a fire“ compilation.
No wonder I was super excited when Good Life Recordings announced a full length album, so I pre-ordered the vinyl immediately…
When I received the record, I couldn’t believe it – this sucks so hard, maybe the biggest disappointment in my whole collection!
The „artwork“, the band pic, the production, the songs – EVERYTHING sucks really hard about this piece of crap!
They even managed to fuck up „Hopes of Harmony“, the song that still ruled on the compilation.
However, I never sold it because I always thought someday I can maybe trade it with someone for it is the coloured vinyl first press version – but even till this day you can find it from time to time in „cheapos“ boxes

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