DAY 2 of @circlestorm69 ’s #januaryrecordaday2016 challenge

Favorite new release of 2015

Quite a lot of people already voted for this one, but I have to jump on:

xRepentancex – The Sickness of Eden

Back in 1994 I became Straight Edge and in 1995 I turned vegan so I was heavily influenced by bands like ExC, Chokehold, Day of Suffering, Contempt, Abnegation, etc. during that time period – when I first listened to „The Sickness of Eden“ I immediately got that exact same feeling and this record was on heavy rotation for quite a few weeks! #circlesjrad2016 #januaryrecordaday2016 #vinyl#vinylcollection#vinyljunkie#vinyladdict#recordnerd#xrepentancex#straightedge#veganstraightedge

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